We are proud to announce Molly Smith has been promoted to vice president of ChannelNet’s operations. Smith will retain responsibility for all clients and their channel partners’ program successes and support, plus assume responsibility for the project management office and resource management. As vice president of operations, Smith will set the vision for our Project Management Office and align the end-to-end processes with our internal resources.

“This change will better serve our customers as the vision and delivery of the solution will be better aligned to the front lines now that responsibility is under one role,” says our CEO Paula Tompkins. “It puts a 100 percent focus on our customers’ needs.”

The organizational move follows the industry shift towards big data and analytics driving marketing solutions.  More and more marketing is taking the technology lead.

As a part of the reorganization, David Indish will directly report to Smith and take over management of ChannelNet’s eBusiness Support Center (eBSC).

Indish is now responsible for our client’s marketing program enrollment, program compliance monitoring, search engine optimization, vanity domain optimization, social media, email marketing campaigns, inbound problem resolution and outbound communications including phone and email support. He will also manage the help desk and other turnkey services such as training, content management and asset creation. Previously, Indish was an eBSC team lead.

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