Our Director of UX/UI Rashaud Brooks recently shared six tips for improving your online conversion rates with UX Magazine. In the article, he provides some of the secrets of ChannelNet’s high completion rates. Our clients’ completion rates for their online credit applications are consistently over 75 percent. Results like this are not an accident — they are achieved by design.

In contrast, most marketers report less than half of their website visitors will actually complete and submit a form. Designing forms is a tricky task because consumers in general do not like to give out their personal information.

The user experience is a critical component of increasing your conversion rates.

In a nutshell, Brooks recommends:

Picture-Rashaud Brooks-channelnet

Rashaud Brooks, ChannelNet Director of UX/UI

  1. Place the label above the form field.
  2. Ask for information that you absolutely need and don’t ask for any extra information.
  3. Use two-interaction tools to encourage completing the form.
  4. Break down longer forms into multi-part steps.
  5. Integrate real-time error handling.
  6. Provide additional resources contextually, refrain from sending your prospect to another page.

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