We are proud to announce K.C. Loughlin has joined us as vice president of dealer sales and service for the U.S. and Canada. Loughlin, a former president and general manager of multiple dealerships, will lead our new direct-to-the-dealer customer retention product.

Scheduled to launch in the second quarter of 2017, the solution will be a personal gateway for vehicle owners that provides timely and relevant information about all aspects of their vehicles. Built with ChannelNet’s patented technology, it will be a subscription model.

K.C. Loughlin, VP dealer sales and service, ChannelNet

K.C. Loughlin, ChannelNet vice president of dealer sales and service

ChannelNet CEO and founder Paula Tompkins says, “We are confident in K.C.’s abilities to lead our new offering, which       will fill the gaps in current customer relationship management (CRM) systems for dealers. Most of today’s CRM solutions focus on pre-sale versus post-sale efforts.”

Loughlin on Customer Loyalty

Loughlin shares why his role at ChannelNet is so important, “With so many buying programs and research tools on the internet today, it is getting harder and harder to build customer loyalty in today’s market. At delivery, a quick introduction to the service department does not form a customer relationship or drive service business.”

“Also, there is so much information available on the web that undermines dealer loyalty,” he explains. “For example, some industry software diminishes the relationship with the dealership as it focuses on price alone. There are inventory management solutions that were built to show dealerships how to price cars online. Some solutions promote a philosophy akin to the ‘Race to the Bottom’ theory. This type of software deflates dealer profits by conditioning the dealer that the only way to sell cars is to be willing to sell them cheaper than anyone else.”

The automotive veteran explains why a focus on price hurts loyalty, “In my experience, the customer that a dealer is able to make a respectable profit on seems happier with the care they receive. It seems that the customers that beat you up on price, to the point of no profit, are unhappier.”

Loughlin’s career spans 30 years of dealer experience, including parts, service, F&I and used car inventory management. Previously, he was the director of sales for DealerSocket, an inventory management solution. Prior to DealerSocket, Loughlin worked for DealerTrack where he led sales for DealerTrack’s finance and insurance solutions.

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