This month, ChannelNet released a brand new website. The sleeker more intuitive resource is the result of a major overhaul. Milo Elmir, ChannelNet’s Chief Experience Officer, shares why we made such a big change.

What changed on the website?

Milad Elmir, ChannelNet

Milad Elmir, ChannelNet’s Chief Experience Officer

Milo: Before we talk about what is changed, I think it is important to talk about why we changed. ChannelNet has been in business for over 30 years. We are digital pioneers and recognized leaders. Technology changes are so fast — if you blink — you may be left behind. Our website needs to reflect who we are at the core and how it applies to the world of business and technology today.

History is important because it is a big part of who we are now and who we will be in the future.

Today, we deliver insights-driven personalization solutions that drive engagement, retention and commerce. Our Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions create a seamless customer experience across the omnichannel business environment. Yet, at the core, our mission has always been about using technology to drive sales.

If you scroll our home page now, you will clearly know who we are and what we do in under 30 seconds.

What are some of the key differences?

Milo: The new design better showcases our software, services, support and what is unique about us. Our differentiators are more succinct and clear. We combine the creativity of a digital marketing agency with the technical competence of a technology company and have the analytical chops of a strategic consulting firm.

Our turnkey support is at the heart of what we do. So now, it is the heart of our website. Our help desk supports over 7,740 dealers, retailers and brands. That is huge! We provide service way beyond the normal technical support. Our multi-lingual team also helps dealers and retailers market and promote their business.

Our work is more prominent too. Each page about our services — customer life cycle management, multi-channel support, secure B2B portals and customer self-service — has examples.

Any final thoughts?

Milo: We welcome feedback. If anyone has comments, they can send them directly to my email, which is m-dot-elmir-at-channelnet-dot-com.