Are you giving away free oil changes?

Many dealerships are offering a free oil change program to customers who purchase a new vehicle. Sometimes it’s the first one free and other times it’s free oil changes for life. When implemented properly, a free oil change program can drive loyalty while boosting revenue.

Whether you currently have a program in place or you’re considering one, here are 3 ways you can maximize a free oil change program to help raise loyalty and revenue.

  1. Find the Best Program for Your Dealership

Free oil changes for life worked well for the Priority Auto Group who saw retention rates and customer satisfaction rise, however, it was not an economically feasible path for the Lester Glenn Auto Group.

Regardless of the program, it is up to the dealership(s) to determine the best route forward to help guide their retention and customer experience.

The Lester Glenn Auto Group changed course from free oil changes for life and implemented a comprehensive program offering two years’ worth of free oil changes as well as other incentives to entice the cost-conscious consumer. According to Automotive News, since revamping their program they have increased their revenue $150,000 per month.

  1. Engage & Drive Retention

Personalized engagement has proven to lead to a greater likelihood that customers will return for service and refer you to a friend or family member.

One of the surprisingly best ways a dealership can increase retention rates and revenue is by simply offering a service scheduling feature.

Sending the message, “Schedule your free oil change” gets the customer engaging with you and promotes a positive interaction. When you send it at the right time, you are proving your commitment to a personalized and enhanced customer experience.

What good is a free oil change program as a sales tool if your customer isn’t taking advantage of it?

  1. Send Promotions When They Need It

Using the power of digital interaction also means delivering the ideal promotions to your customers when they would most likely use it. Say you wanted to give some loyal customers a coupon for a free oil change. Omnichannel marketing allows you to target them based on triggers and behaviors analyzed through various metrics.

What good is a free oil change now if a customer has another 2,500 miles until they need it?


With OneClick Loyalty, we utilize data and analytics to ensure our clients can reach their customers in a way that benefits all parties. For customers, they are receiving communications from the dealership regarding specific promotions and information at specific points in the product lifecycle. For the dealership, they are taking a proactive approach to enticing customers to come in for service.

A free oil change has the power to be a great tool to show the benefits of using your dealership for all their service needs. OneClick Loyalty is a long-term solution designed to steer the message to the customer and shift revenue growth into high gear.