You hire a team to design a letter enclosed in an envelope with the recipient’s name. It gets mailed out. The recipient receives it and opts to open it up. Discovering the special sales promotion, they bring their vehicle to your dealership and trade in for a nice, new car.

Or, most likely, throw it in the garbage without even bothering to open it.

It’s not to say direct mail marketing doesn’t work, it’s just that to make it work in today’s digital world costs a bundle.

And when compared to the advantages of digital, well, the average rate of return for…

  • email is $38 for every $1 spent
  • direct mail is $7 for every $1 spent

The best practices for emails are also changing.  So, methods used just a couple years ago may now be a red flag for the recipient. They simply delete the email without opening or send it to the spam folder.

One of the key changes to digital marketing has been the expectation of consumers. They want information you send to be relevant, personal and viewable on their mobile device.

It is imperative that your emails work across devices because you never know how, when or where your customer will be viewing it.

Just six years ago, nearly three-quarters of emails were opened on a desktop computer. In 2016, that rate diminished with 45% of emails being opened on desktops versus 55% on a mobile device.

Dealerships must adapt to how customers are consuming their information and content in a digitally driven world.

According to Experian, personal emails receive 29% higher open rates and 41% higher click-through rates.

Personal engagement leads to stronger ROI and higher retention rates.

Just by having the recipient’s first name in the subject line will increase open rates by nearly 20%.

How do you ditch the direct mail and move to a more rewarding platform? A platform that is responsive, offers 1:1 personalization and can build loyalty?

OneClick Loyalty is a software-as-a-service solution designed for easy implementation and to make sure you’re engaging with the customer strategically and not just marketing at them. With a personal message and relevant content geared toward their behavior, your dealership can provide a greater customer experience leading to higher retention rates and increased revenue.