According to a Google Automotive Shopper Study, 46% of consumers visit a dealership’s website after watching video content.

In another study by Google, 70% of people who used YouTube as part of their car buying process were influenced by what they watched.

Are you connecting with the next generation of car buyers? By 2020, 40 percent of the car buying customers are expected to be Millennials

Customers of all ages though are utilizing the Internet to do extensive research on their cars, and many are making the decision to buy, even before stepping foot into a showroom and test driving a vehicle.

There are countless automotive enthusiasts and car buyers engaging with one another and using social media for research, advice and to show off their passion about cars. #carporn is a consistently trending hashtag amongst car enthusiasts (You can look it up – it’s Safe For Work).

What can a dealership do to digitally engage with an audience who could be interested in buying at any moment?

Asbury Automotive Group used $1,000 to promote a video on Facebook for its Nissan dealership in Tampa and sold 31 cars from 142 leads! The campaign lasted 11 days and they used a targeted approach gearing the content toward a Spanish-speaking audience. Facebook Ads allows you to strategically choose a variety of demographics to engage with to maximize your ROI.

Want to Make a Video?

It’s actually not too difficult or expensive.

Have a smart phone?

Inventory videos can show the product inside and out – just keep them under 60 seconds. Even capturing a video of cars coming off the truck can garner interest.

Short promotional videos regarding service and specials can increase retention – just remember that consumers want to see relevant content so if you are trying to sell them and not engage with them, they will likely look elsewhere.

Once you capture the video on your smart phone, you can simply upload it to your Facebook page.

Getting Them to Facebook

With OneClick Loyalty, we get your customers to Facebook immediately. It starts with the customer sharing news about their recent car purchase. Their excitement is directly connected to a dealership and their friends and family can now react.

How important is this?

70% of millennials show a higher level of excitement about their purchasing decision when their friends validate it.

Getting your customers to utilize your Facebook page opens the door to countless new possible customers while also helping to retain your current car buyers for service and sales down the line.

While many dealerships are tempted to post their latest commercial to their Facebook page or YouTube channel, vehicle walkarounds and service tips are even better at educating the consumer and driving traffic to your website, your showroom and your service bays.

60 seconds may be all you need to help increase revenue and retention.