We’re excited to be sharing our latest innovative product — OneClick Loyalty — at Digital Dealer in Las Vegas: Booth 104

“As the digital landscape and customer base evolve, creating a platform to drive dealership retention was critical. We saw a need for a comprehensive solution to ensure dealers had a path to consistent growth and increased revenue,” said Milo Elmir, Chief Experience Officer at ChannelNet.

The result was OneClick Loyalty — the only digital customer loyalty and retention platform built by automotive experts for today’s digital dealership. The platform is designed to offer dealers a turn-key solution to realistically drive retention, increase service revenue, and convert every buyer into a customer for life.

“Simple, quick installation was key,” Milo added. “In fact, there really is no installation required — You sign up. We do the rest. From there we use metrics to constantly improve performance and optimize ROI.”

Utilizing industry-leading customer experience algorithms, OneClick Loyalty connects the dots so dealers don’t have to. Starting at the point of purchase, the platform digitizes the entire customer lifecycle starting with the initial welcome message introducing the buyer to a Personal Website and continuing with dozens of configurable touchpoints to promote scheduling service, cross-selling, nurturing leads, integrating social channels, and driving repeat purchases.

“Our long history of working with dealerships has allowed us to understand the unique challenges and opportunities facing dealerships today,” Paula Tompkins, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of ChannelNet, stated. “What sets OneClick Loyalty apart is our ability to keep the dealership proactively engaged with the customer across the entire ownership lifecycle increasing both service retention and sales retention. At the end of the day, it’s all about loyalty.”

OneClick Loyalty begins at the point of purchase and uses customizable components and pre-populated content for a rich and rewarding customer experience. The OneClick Loyalty platform is responsive and addresses the digital expectations of a growing Millennial and Generation Z consumer population.

We’re here at Digital Dealer demonstrating the innovative capabilities of our exciting new product: OneClick Loyalty.


About Channelnet:

With over 32 years in the automotive industry, ChannelNet has proven to be a digital pioneer specializing in solutions that integrate marketing, sales and service channels to drive customer loyalty. ChannelNet created the first automotive OEM sponsored website program for over 5,000 dealers, the first personal microsite, and the first enterprise class sales and marketing automation tool.